Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a Piece of the Podium?

You can purchase your Piece of the Podium exclusively at the eBay Piece of the Podium Store.

Which podium does my piece come from?

Once you have your piece, go to and click "I have a piece" on the Home Page. Register your information and enter your piece's unique identification code. Click "Submit" and you'll get extensive background information on your piece along with a printable certificate.

Which athletes stood on my podium?

Register and enter your unique identification code and you'll get extensive background information about your piece, including which athletes stood on it.

Which podia were included in this program?

Five podia that were used during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games are included in this program:

  • Podium #4 - Vancouver Olympic Centre - Curling (Team)
  • Podium #9 - Whistler Olympic Park - Ski Jump (Team)
  • Podium #10 - BC Place - Victory Ceremony (Individual)
  • Podium #12 - Richmond Olympic Oval - Speed Skating (Team)
  • Podium #22 - Whistler Olympic Park - Cross Country Skiing / Biathlon / Nordic Combined (Team)

What would be considered a complete set?

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze sections for each podium. Having all three sections from all five podia (15 pieces) would be considered a complete set.

How many pieces are there in total?

There are 20,100 pieces in total.

What are the odds of receiving a specific section of a specific podium?

All podia were used in their entirety. Odds depend only on the size of each section of each podium. Chances of receiving a piece of a "Team" podium are higher as they are bigger than "Individual" podia.

How do I know that this product is authentic?

Gameday Auction, who was the official memorabilia supplier to the Vancouver 2010 Games, has produced and authenticated all Piece of the Podium products. The Gameday/Canadian Olympic Committee hologram on your item guarantees that it is authentic.

How does purchasing a Piece of the Podium benefit Canadian athletes?

Net proceeds of sales go to support the Canadian Olympic Team.